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capturing unique moments, creating dinstintive pictures


A picture has the power to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages – all of which are important elements of story telling. It is important for a picture to tell stories and a good photographer can tell good stories with a picture. But, a great photography has the gift to tell great photographic stories that touch one's emotion.

As Seen on The Knot

In 1999,

I borrowed my Dad's Minolta SLR to take pictures for my school project. I used black and white films and developed the negatives in a small darkroom at school. I have to admit - I wasn't good at that time and my photos weren't that impressive. Most of them were blurry and not on point. But I discovered - it was the most enjoyable and inspirational time for me. My friends were my models. I sometimes had to deal with a unforeseen disappointment when my negatives were ruined. But, it taught me the importance of how much effort and time needed to be put into developing the right photo at the right moment. Each photo was priceless to me as I tried to capture the unorthodox from the ordinary - I give each photo a name, a soul.

Things have rapidly changed over the decade,

and photographers now do not deal with films, negatives and darkrooms. Digital cameras allow photographers to take as many photos as they want and we now don't have to worry about wasting our films. Even though we are adapted to the new technology and the new way of taking pictures, my belief hasn't changed - my philosophy to capture the unorthodox from the ordinary and my goal to continuously search for a harmony between the creativity and the disposition.

Pacific North West,

I serve primarily in the Pacific North West area (other regions by arrangement only). With all the professional gears and tools that top photographers expect plus skills and in-depth knowledge in post digital photo processing, I focus on the details so that you can focus on the shot.